Garden sites

Belgium flag Information for sport, gardens, urban and corporate artificial turf
United States flag Lots of bamboo information and photos including a searchable database of plant species and vendors
United Kingdom flag The British Orchid Council - BOC - is the UK orchid world's umbrella organisation
United States flag Family run fencing business specializing in wooden, vinyl and aluminium fences for the Knoxville and Maryville areas in Tennessee
United Kingdom flag Woodland walks, lakes, and gardens open to the public several times each year in East Cambridgeshire
Scotland flag Grower from Aberdeen with contributions from chrysanthemum enthusiasts around the world
Portugal flag Information on the history, origin and varieties of ornamental citrus plants
United Kingdom flag Careers in horticulture for young people
United States flag A guide to the cultivation of Lithops more commonly known as flowering stones or living stones
England flag Specialising in commercial and non-commercial driveways, landscaping and garden patios for over 25 years
England flag A wide range of gardening, gardening maintenance & landscaping services throughout Leeds, West Yorkshire
England flag Practical advice for amateurs on how to grow vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers plus how to attract wildlife into your garden
Spain flag Quarterly magazine offering a new look at greenery by featuring the works of many creative people who share a love for plants
England flag Consultancy firm offering expert tree advice and reports including planning, liability & insurance reports for all areas of the South of England

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