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France flag AlexPoole.info An interaction designer working in multiple fields, from usability research to web development
United Kingdom flag CreativeDirection.info A leading design and marketing agency with studios in Cornwall and Leicester with over twenty years industry experience
South Korea flag DesignersList.info Great resources and websites for designers
Ireland flag GoMobi.info Developing mobile websites
France flag HTML5Media.info Project to enable HTML5 video and audio tags in all major browsers using a single line of code
United Kingdom flag MartinWilson.info Brighton based digital marketer, SEO & PPC consultant and web designer
United Kingdom flag PennGraphics.info Stylish graphic design and photography based in Somerset for advertising, literature, packaging and websites
England flag PeteWilliams.info UX designer and web developer based in Guildford, Surrey
Canada flag ScottElliott.info Website development, design & creative services, online marketing & strategic planning
Wales flag WebDesignFromLlyn.info Websites, hosting, domains and management
United States flag WebFonts.info A useful, non-partisan resource that highlights exceptional web typography, the best techniques and technologies and the most current information
United States flag WPThemes.info Quality free WordPress themes
England flag Yolo.info Graphic design, motion graphics and direction creative agency based in Manchester

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